Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Family Album

Well, I woke up this morning and opened the door to step outside for some fresh air and said, "Hmmn...I could almost use a jacket". Today will be a perfect day to work on the Wallaby, being it's 66 degrees. I doubt we'll be able to go swimming today. I can't remember any day in July that was this cool.

Today, I thought that I would share some pictures from yesteryear. I am not going to say how many yesters that is, but that's me on the right, granny in the middle and baby sister in the stroller. Ok, Ok, I'll give you a hint. I believe that picture was taken when Jimi Hendrix was singing at Woodstock. It was at my grandmother's summer house and my birthday was the following week. I came across this picture a few days ago while attempting to clean up my house. It's a little hard to see, being the original was sorta yellow...DD saw it and said, "That's me, that's me!" and I couldn't argue the fact that she is apparently a clone. Oddly, that's my maternal grandmother who didn't look like us. My mom looked alot like her father and I guess we do, too.

We actually both look like my mom. Below, an awful picture of my mom but that's me with her. I remember my father taking this picture, probably scarred me for life, I am not fond of heights all that much. I worked on the 28th floor of a building in NYC and it was A LONG TIME before I would look out the floor to ceiling windows up close. Anyway, this picture was taken in the summer, I think the same year as the one above. We had gone to Bear Mountain for the day and he was trying to get us to "back up, back up"...we were almost OFF the edge of the mountain! You can see how close we were, look at our feet! What was he thinking???!!! So, me with my mom in the first picture, DD in the second. DD is appropriately dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the West.

I really think she's been cloned and the government isn't telling me...What do you think?
And, not be show's my dear son, he's very bright! He doesn't really look like me. He's a combo of my father and my husband, mannerisms and all.

Ah, he's fast asleep, resting that brain of his..... Oh, wait a minute, I really want to show you how creative he is. Here's a better shot, he's always thinking, isn't he? Make due with what you have!

We'll close with this one...the sock family portrait. Do they match as well as DD and I? I'm liking them alot now.
Sigh...That was fun, we'll have to do this again sometime, really soon.

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Elizzabetty said...

Wow! She really is your clone. One question, though--where you playing with scissors at her age?