Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Beach!

Today, we went to the beach. That would be, DH, DS, DD and my Jaywalkers. DS wanted to try out swimming in the ocean but I didn't let him. There were some BIG GIANT WAVES! The waves were about 4-6 feet and they were only three seconds apart. It was ok for me, I did manage to get in without wiping out but I couldn't have done that with a five year old holding onto me. DH got knocked over a few times. The waves were powerful and the current was strong today, have to be careful.
DS wanted to go in all the way but I told him we could do that another day when it wasn't as rough. Instead, he played in the surf.

While she played in the sand.

And the waves crashed all around us.

The sky was crystal clear and the water was a moderate cool 64 degrees. It was warm enough where you could easily get used to it and get in in a few seconds. (For we NYers, maybe not for you southern or island folk....) But the 'wave period' was so short and the water was quite rough, not for the kids or a novice swimmer. You would get slammed by a five foot wave and then there would be another just as large right behind it. Husband was trying to get out and there were three big waves in a row so he got knocked over. My son is cautious but starting to lose his fear of the ocean and beginning to see the fun in this.

Then, the sky darkened and got very hazy. Just when I was ready to knit! It looked like this:

So, we packed up and left. Can't stay in a thunderstorm and try to pack up two kids in a matter of seconds if need be. About 50% of the people cleared out. BTW, this is a town beach and it's Tuesday, it was kind of crowded. Oyster Bay is funny that way. It's $35 for a resident sticker, $25 PER DAY for non-residents. Usually, I go to the beach early, like 11AM. This time, we went later, like 1:30-3PM. That may've been why. Of course, it was 89 degrees today when we left and 81 at the seashore, which was beautiful. Alot of people may've had the same idea as I did but still, doesn't anyone work?

Now that we had our little serenity, stay tuned for sock pictures tomorrow. Actual knitting content to come! I didn't have a chance to take a shot of socks-on-the-beach. (Hey! Let's make that a new drink!) For now, enjoy my waves! BTW, I didn't bring a thermometer, I always look at the beach report on to see wave height and water temperature so I know what to expect. Car to sand time is usually about 15 minutes so the conditions are quite accurate!

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