Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Midweek Quickie Post

Hi everyone! Just have a few minutes before heading out to continue making license plates so I thought I would post.

The size 6 Wallaby on my average sized 3 year old:
I am up to the placket and neck openning, only a tad past where I was when this picture was taken the other day. Remember, I've been reading Harry. I hate having two projects going on. The Wallaby should've been done and I'm only on page 150 or so of Harry. The Jaywalkers sit in my basket. They're up to the gusset decreases now. If I just get past that spot, I'll sail through the foot one morning before work and do the toe at night. The plan: finish this Wallaby, finish the Jaywalkers and start a new Wallaby and a new pair of socks. Big ol' man socks will be next, with Trekking Tweed, a rib pattern that I will pick out very soon.
AND, we'll be taking pictures of everything with the new camera!
That's another reason why I haven't posted or knitted. Last night, kids were in bed and hubby was off teaching a music lesson. The camera arrived yesterday and I read the entire manual. It wasn't that long, I got through it easily. I'm familiar with how cameras work, shutter and aperture, ISO speed and all that. I'm not sure how to take pictures totally on manual though. This morning, I took some shots of my lillies on 'flower' setting. I'll take some more on different settings and hopefully have a nice post for the weekend. Maybe beach (it's own setting) and sunset (also it's own setting) and if it snows, SNOW SETTING! Unfortunately, we'll have to wait awhile to try that out. I am not currently planning a trip to the Southern Hemisphere. This is the first time I've had a camera without a viewfinder. It's weird not holding it up to my face but it's nice because I can take pictures with my glasses on!
The puppy is calming down a bit but still digging holes to China. Hubby and kiddies put bricks under the soil all around the yard so she can't explore the neighbor's yards. We really don't want her to eat the rabbit next door. On the other side, there are two dogs that are each four times her weight and she terrorizes them. My 14 year old Sheltie, Bonnie, has arthritis and Zoey bothers her. Bonnie went to the vet due to limping and is on medicine. She's better today. Other than that, she's in pretty good health for a 14 year old dog. I'll post a picture of her very soon.
This weekend, we are going to a Ducks game with DS's old daycare buddies, a/k/a "The Four Families". We each had a first born boy in daycare at the same time. The kids all will go to different schools but the families are very close. We've vacationed together and everything! It's nice that we stay tight with them. I love them all very much! We are also going to a BBQ at one of the Four Families' house. This will also be a very busy weekend. I'd best get those two new projects started by Saturday morning so I can bring them and be at the easy part for the game.

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