Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Socks on the Beach

As suspected, we hit the beach again today. According to the boat and beach report, the water was supposed to be 'rough' and the wave height was four feet. The wave height was a little shy of that and there wasn't much of an undertow. It was a little rough but more like 'choppy'. See: That's my little girl getting some water for her sand castle and my little boy is actually trying out body surfing for the first time. That's his little head bobbing up out of the surf on the left. They had a great time today and I'm exhausted.

Here's another shot of DD helping God as she scoops up a pail of water to bring it towards the sand.

I promised a picture of the twins and here they are working on their tan!

Here's another shot, Harlot Style!

Now, I know looking at my Jaywalkers is a really cool thing to do but I wanted to show you something even cooler! How about, coming home from the beach and actually seeing this?

The kids were amazed. The light turned red, the siren went off and we were second to the first car. They got a good view of the drawbridge going up. The boat that went through is not visible but it wasn't really all that big. It had things on top of it, like cockroach antlers and needed the space.

The camera was in the back of our minivan but I quickly unhooked my seat belt and dove back there for it so I would have a nice shot of the bridge to show you. There was plenty of time to do that before the bridge actually opened.

I can never get tired of wave watching. I love it! I like to be the front blanket, right on the edge so I can feel it, taste it, hear it and live in the salt spray. Ah!! Today, someone snuck down closer to the surf than I, parked themselves right in front of us..oh well... My husband, who I do love dearly, likes to go to the beach for an hour. I would stay for a good part of the day but he doesn't like to stay there all that long. :(
I'm sure we'll enjoy looking back at these beach shots come January so I'll be sure to take some more as there are more beach days to come!
Keep a watch out for mountain shots towards the end of next month. As for now, time to finish up the Wallaby Hood. Maybe I will spring for that nice new 12 megapixel Kodak camera that I've been admiring so we can take even better pictures.

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Elizzabetty said...

Very cool! I've never seen the drawbridge go up.

Nice to see you acting like a blogger (jumping out of the car to get the camera). I'm so proud of you, little grasshopper!