Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Surprise and Jaywalker Update

Yesterday, I was vacuuming. It's become a pastime of mine ever since we got Zoey. She has short hair and many people think that short hair is easy. Bonnie's hair is like human hair, comes right up. Bonnie is a Sheltie who is going to be 14 next week. Zoey's hair is everywhere and stuck to everything. Zoey is getting a bath tomorrow. It's easy to give her a bath. Oh, and did I tell you? The 'Little 20 lb Dog" has successfully gone through FOUR leashes. The last two would've held up to a Rottie. "up to 80 lbs". She's a PEANUT! However, she has a very strong mouth and has no problem snapping right through nylon. We bought her a chain, the kind you would put on a German Shepard. Now, we can go for a walk...if I am strong enough to tote the chain, it must weigh like 2 lbs.

Back to the story, I was vacuuming away, enjoying having a somewhat clean house and then..., what to my wondering eye should appear, but DD coming down the steps with a bound. Giggling with a smile ear to ear. In her clutches was none other than missing Lamby! Lamby is back!! "The Blue Fairy found my Lamby and brought her home!!!!" You would think it was Christmas Morning. It seems Lamby was stuck behind Dear Son's toy bin, pinned to the wall, and we couldn't see her. Oh well, the house got cleaned up during the search and that was a good thing.
DD is euphoric. She couldn't eat or sleep or let go of Lamby for the entire day.

As for the Jaywalkers, still identical twins....! I am not so sure that I like these socks. Why do I always feel that way, you ask? I think ever since I made the Rose Quartz Crosshatch Lace, nothing compares. The Jaywalker sock are nice and the colors are definitely growing on me. That brown is SOOOO dark that it's hard to knit at night. I love the pattern, it goes fast and it's fun to make stripes. It's even more fun to make stripes that match and please me as opposed to stripes that aggravate me. I guess there really isn't much to say about them. Almost everyone has made a pair and almost everyone has blogged about them. I will most certainly make a second pair. This is a perfect pattern to learn magic looping two socks at once because it's so easy.
As for my next sock project...I am entertaining the idea of one of the fair isle patterns or possibly using my Lorna's Douglas Fir for Embossed Leaves. I must finish up the Wallaby but it's supposed to be 94 tomorrow. It's only 78 now so maybe I will work on him tonight and Jaywalkers tomorrow.
Be back tomorrow with more ramblings.

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DLovesocks said...

Thanks for the encouraging words on the cougar socks. I didn't end up frogging them and am just in the process of picking up gusset stitches. I looked at your photo album and am loving all the different socks that you've done. Sounds like you had a good time at the beach with the kids. Have fun and knit on, Denice (dlovesocks)