Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pink Wallaby

Time for the Wallaby Update. The sleeves were totally ripped out so I am making the official start date yesterday, 18th. I am using Cotton-Ease, color: Berry, Knitpicks Options size 6 and 8 and gauge is exactly on, 4.5sts per inch.

Here's the size 6. I know you can't tell from the photo but this again looks very small. There is no way that it would fit my son, who is a rather small 5 year old so making him a size 6 down the road is out. It will have a chest measurement of 27 inches. I am going to try it on my nearly 4 year old average sized DD and see if it fits her and then give it to her cousin for Christmas. One of her cousins. I have two nieces, one is 4 but petite and this should fit her. The other is 2 and is a bigger girl so we'll see. I was hoping to get two pink Wallabies out of my 7 skeins but it's not looking good. I have to wait until I am past the pocket fuse which is in about 4 rows and then we can see better. Also, I have this on a tiny cable so it's gathered at the top behind the pocket where you can't see. I am still concerned that this pattern runs very much on the small side. Am I the only one who feels this way? I see Wallabies all over the net but I don't see too many people complaining over the sizes they're getting....odd. I really am beginning to like this pattern. I particularly like the way that the pocket is fused, it's ingenious and it's neat and it's nice and perfect. Once you've done it once, it's really a snap.

When I get my 12 megapixel camera, I'll give you nice close-up of the pockets!

I'm gearing up for the new Harry Potter Book! Can't wait to read it but I also can't wait to finish another Wallaby. Stayed tuned for Harry and the Wallaby!

In other news, it appears that the massive headache was at least in part due to sinus issues. I wound up taking Claritin-D yesterday and today and although I am very thirsty, I only had a slight headache today. Certainly nothing to write home about. Thank GOD for that.

The puppy is getting a little bigger and alot stronger. She enjoys rough play from time to time which results in too much crate time. She's done growing and she's a little over 20 lbs but she's solid, sleek muscle. She gets that way from digging holes to China in the backyard.

Yesterday we had a very bad rain storm, as you saw from that picture I took yesterday. There was even a tornado about 15 miles east of here where the conditions seemed much worse. I don't think that this was expected to be as bad as it was. Naturally, it happened during the morning rush and there was alot of flash flooding. Dense, hard rain. I was very glad that my roof didn't leak, which it does do from time to time. Alot of people didn't make it in to work. Fortunately, I was scheduled to telecommute and I did so which was great. Phew!

Beautiful sunset tonight. Only one more month until vacation! I can't wait to see the Adirondacks again. I miss them and I haven't been up there since October.

Well, it's 8:32pm and it's time to knit. The kids are in bed, time to tackle pocket fusion.

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