Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's Soup!

It's Soup!? No, the Wallaby isn't finished. But, the new camera is in and I just HAVE to show you a few of the pictures that I took with it. Here is a picture of one of my Lillies. I think it's called "Star Gazer" or something to do with the Fourth of July, maybe, like "Liberty"? I forget. The detail is truly amazing. I cropped the picture to see what I would lose. Check it out! Makes for nice wallpaper on my desktop.

"Flowers at the Playground"
Go ahead, double click on it, zoom in. Do the same with the leaf. You can see things you didn't even know were there!!! I gotta find me a spider or some bugs to show you! WOW!

"Sunset at the Supermarket"

Check out the little tiny leaf..Isn't that the coolest??? Looka that detail! I call this shot "Leaf on Playground". That background is that rubbery stuff they have on the playground. Probably made out of recycled rubber. Kids don't play in sand and glass like I used to.

Unfortunately, I had to shrink the leaf picture in order to upload it, these files are gigunda. Really cool though, I love the camera!! Here's another small one of DS and DD, they were moving and it was sunset. This was taken moments before the sunset one above but I used the flash and backlight settings so it came out more 'day like'.

And, I leave you with, "Jaywalker Gusset".....
Now that I have this camera, all of you can find my mistakes! Darn it!

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