Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry and the Wallaby

Happy Harry Day! My book arrived yesterday by Owl...I mean postman..I think! At first, when the Postman was walking up to my door, I said, "It doesn't look like you have my Harry book .... " and he said, "No, I do! It's in the bag, I couldn't carry it!" And here it is. Year 7. The Final Year.

He should've sent the Owl.

Having little time this very busy weekend......I am currently on page four.........

We hit the beach today. I brought knitting, not the book. I want to get those sleeves attached tonight. The waves were nice and low and the ocean was quite calm. You can see in the background right here behind my DS who is looking very handsome. He looks alot like my dad there for some reason.
One must always have nothing but respect for the ocean. Even though the waves were calm, there was a rip current. Not too dangerous, not enough wind to drive the waves hard. To those of you from the midwest, I remember seeing crop circles from the airplane when I flew out to Las Vegas. Well, they probably mean something. You might not have ever seen a rip current so I'll explain. It's when the waves break crooked on the beach, sometimes slightly and sometimes really hard. This example is a small rip current. They break and suck the water back through a trough, which forms from the crooked waves. The current in the trough is very strong and can suck you out to sea. To escape, you must swim across the trough and then let the waves carry you back to the beach. You will not be able to swim in a rip current. You would tire easily and possibly drown.
Here is a very small rip current, not too dangerous at this point. The man on the right (ruining my shots!) is standing in water that is pulling back out to sea at a different rate than the rest, forming the gully in the sand. Do you see it? See the girl on the left, on sand, he's still in the water. To his left, sand, to his right, sand. Notice the small wave breaking right at the center of the trough. That's the danger spot. Now watch....

See the two people in the water in the middle of the picture on the shot below? Just behind and to the right of them is a small eddy formed by the rip current. That can become potentially hazardous, particularly if this widens and becomes stronger.

One can never be to leary of the ocean. You never know when you may get that rogue wave!

DS running away as a particularly large one crashes to the shore!

I did go in the ocean and both kids swam in the waves. DS and I get out there and he says, "Ok, let go". So, I did, briefly. He wanted to swim to London...

As for my Cotton-Ease Wallaby, looking good!!!

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