Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Friday, July 6, 2007

Right on the Money!

Knitting stripes and matching them up, yeah, that's the ticket. Last night, I decided that I was going to bite the bullet and ensure that my Jaywalkers turned out to be as close to identical twins as they could be. So, I unravelled the entire skein of this. It started out as 100 grams. I rolled ball #1 up until it had six repeats of the four colors. Then, I didn't cut anything, but rolled up ball #2. I should've done a center pull by hand but that was poor planning on my part. Anyway, they weighed the same but I had to have another red and blue added to Ball #1 to get the midpoint. Sigh. Then I (well, we, I had to employ husband's help here) rerolled Ball #2, in the opposite direction and found the exact midpoint and snipped. One ball was a little heavier than the other and I had to trash a small piece of green so that I could start in the same exact place. Then, I measured out 50 inches from the color change and casted on 84 sts. I did 5 rows of ribbing. I used my extra needle and did the same thing. I then put them together, patiently ribbing away, hoping that the color change to red would wind up as close as possible to the exact same stitch...would it? Could it? If it did, could I possibly get identical twins? Or at least as identical as Mary Kate and Ashley (who are fraternal, you know, but they do look very much alike.) Let's see....That snippet of green is the only waste from the entire skein. Can you see where the change happened?

Not wanting to get my hopes up, I finished the ribbing and started zigzag pattern. It looked like the color change to blue was going to work......

OMG! Sometimes I scare's to the exact stitch. (Yes, I counted them....)
Today, I would like to thank all my high school math teachers for making me the mathematician that I am today.

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