Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


It's Wednesday. I've had a headache since Friday, every day except yesterday until 3 or 4PM. I thought it was gone but, alas, it's not. I think the orthodontist gave it to me. I got my braces tightened and it's just not feeling all that great in my mouth and my whole head hurts. This isn't working out too well. I haven't had a headache like this in months....

Speaking of headaches, it's pouring right now. The gardener is supposed to come and cut the grass. He will, of course. They work rain or shine and they love to cut the wet grass so that it has yellow tips. I hate that. I also hate cutting my own grass so there are some things that we have to live with. He'll cut grass even though it looks like this outside right now.

Speaking of headaches, never knit tired and always check your gauge. I did check my gauge, three times, in three different places. I made a nice little swatch and I decided to do the Cottonease Wallaby with size 7 needles. Doesn't work....well, it probably would work but I'm too much of a perfectionist. Enjoy these sleeves while you can, I'm taking them out in a few minutes.

The gauge is supposed to be 4.5 sts per inch and I have 5. I was considering leaving it, being this is for a petite three year old and there are only 112 sts around the body. That would work out to a difference of 2" around the chest. I'm making the size 6 and that would mean that I would get a size 5. Being DH's Wallaby ran so small, it's not worth the risk. I'll go with the bigger size. It also seems that the Cottonease is going through my hands faster than the wool so I will probably use more than expected. I don't know if I'm going to get a size 6 and a size 4 out of my 7 skeins. I'll make the 6 first and then make a stripe of eggshell on the 4 to conserve yardage if need be. Remember, trying to only work on one project at a time and I've been very good about that. That's the only way to knock things out quickly. I'm trying to knit for everyone for Christmas this year and I'm off to a very, very good start. If I wasn't suffering from a headache, I would probably have the right gauge and have more knitted.

What projects are up and coming? I'm thinking about Monkey socks, Grapevine from More Sensational Knitted socks, Embossed Leaves. I am also thinking about the Here there be Dragons socks. They look really cool, don't they? Other projects include more Wallabies. I am going to make an adult one with an overlapping placket, possibly for myself. I may do something funky with the trim, too! We'll see how ambitious I'm feeling. The pattern is fun and is also very easy to modify here and there even for crocheters like me. Speaking of crochet, I must get back to the baby blanket for Number 3 baby on the block. We had two births within a few days of each other and the lady across the street, the one who lives in the house that you can't see because of the heavy rain in the photo above, is expecting! I can whip up a crochetted baby blanket in only a few days as it takes me about 6 minutes to make one square when I'm pushing the tempo. Knitting isn't like that for the most part. I do enjoy knitting the Wallaby body though. It's circular, it's all knit and I can do that mindlessly and fast! That's almost like

In other news, the guppies had more babies. I am a grandmother yet again. I am so happy that the little fish are enjoying themselves, are healthy and living happily in that tank without the skunk loaches. No more ripped fins! The puppy, on the other hand, is being a pest. She is truly gorgeous but she digs holes to China in the backyard. I nearly broke an ankle stepping into one that was 12" deep and 4" wide. She buries bones and toys and rocks! It's the terrier in her....the beagle in her follows her nose and the terrier in her gets her digging. Two desirable traits in a dog.....

Today is a work day, not a beach day. Off to work! Photos of ripped Wallaby to come! Moral of the story: Never knit tired and always do work with a headache. No need to waste valuable time working when you feel good.

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