Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pink Wallaby Done!

Ta Da! The Pink Wallaby is all done!

Pink Wallaby, Knit Picks Options size 6 and 8. Cotton Ease, color Berry, Start date: July 18th, End date: July 29th.
Well, that was just another lovely project. If you look closely, the left side pocket trim is a little messed up. I don't know what happened. I should've left it alone. I had a spot of looser stitches so I tried to distribute them better with a crochet hook and got carried away and had this giant loop mess thing going on....It's OK, kid's clothing. I would've redone it had it been for me. I also made the stockinette stitch hood this time, stretchier and can be worn more comfortably and for a longer period of time. I made the sleeves two at once, magic looping and they got done very quickly. This was a very nice short project and will be added to my Christmas knitting.

I am also picking up the Jaywalkers once more and hopefully they will get done this week. I cannot find two things in the house and it's very annoying. Honest, I am a very good record keeper. I used to be an excellent record keeper when it was just me. Now that there are four of us, there are more records to keep. Anyway, the day before I took my last vacation, I think that was June 28th or so, I took my socks book to work and my poncho pattern to work. I can't write on the poncho pattern, it's laminated. So, I made ONE COPY for my PERSONAL use. I stuck it in my sock book and put it in my laptop bag. I have the books but not the pattern or the copy. I have looked all over and I am beginning to think that I left it at work. I will look tomorrow, tear apart my desk.

The other thing that I can't find is more important. For the past 14 years, I have had the same car. It's a nice 1994 Mercury Sable. It's on it's second engine. That's a long story, but here's the cliff notes...the car was recalled due to an O ring problem. I brought it back in but the mechanics at the dealer told me it was my imagination. I guess that the temp gauge is supposed to go up and down, a symptom of the problem. If the problem isn't corrected, the engine blows. I brought the car home and drove it for the next week and it drove and sounded like *$_D@@#. So, I pull into the gas station by my house......I put the thing in for the gas to pump...I pay at the pump, I get back in and BANG!!! The engine blew right there. The nice man who had dollar signs in his eyes, came over and helped me move it out of the way and I walked home. The dealer had to go there, tow it, fix it. Somehow I had to pay $1,100 but I don't remember the details, this was years ago. I kept the car like new. I hardly drove, being I worked in the city and oftentimes just walked to the train. Later, we bought a minivan and I gave this car to hubby who ran it into the ground and had the inside looking like crap. It now has 101,000 miles on it. Whoever has the kids takes the minivan and being he's a teacher and home for the summer, he has the van and the kids and I commute in the car. The other day, temp gauge problems. It turned out to be the thermostat but the mechanic told us "It's time". You know, like when the vet tells you, "She's in pain". So, Friday night on the way home from work, I bought a Chevy Equinox. It's nice and we get it on Tuesday night. I got the LS with side air bags, FWD, sunroof. There isn't much optional equipment that I would want so I was happy with the base model.

Oh yes, back to what I was saying, what to do with my Merc? I can't find the title so I didn't trade it in, not that I'd get anything for it. I tore apart the house and still can't find the title. I am letting one of my friends at work look at it tomorrow and if he wants it, he can make me an offer. If he doesn't, I'll donate it and get a small tax deduction. He's a good mechanic and can fix it and sell it or whatever. After that, the plates come off and we wait for my replacement title to come in the mail. Another $20 that I didn't need to spend but what the heck, I've gone through thousands of dollars this summer and I just don't know where it's coming from.

We still have to fix the leak in the kitchen and we need a new front door. And we bought a pool a camera and a car instead! Some people never grow up, right?

We were supposed to go and see the first place minor league team, the Long Island Ducks play tonight but the game got rained out and postponed until Monday, August 6 at 7:05PM. I guess they'll pick me up at work that night and we'll head on out. We'll see. Should be fun. We'll be going with the Day Care Crew. You know, my son has more friends that I do...!

Still learning how to use the camera a bit. I have to tinker some more. It's fun!

Well, back to the Jaywalkers!

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