Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Hey Day of Yoo Hoo

Last week, I was a bit worried about my DS. There is a distinct possibility that he suffers from migraines. While shopping in the dollar store to save money so that I could buy more sock yarn, they had a three pack of Yoo Hoo for $1. Those little baby boxes, like ones juice comes in. I am not such a fan of kids drinking juice by the gallon and DS is a milkaholic and I knew he would like it if I bought it. So, I did. He got a massive headache. "There is a crab in my eye" "A sword stabbing my brains" and so forth.

Yesterday, while they were misbehaving in Target, I told them that I would buy some more Yoo Hoo. I was thinking about when I was a kid, how much I loved that chocolate drink that came in a glass bottle and cost only 19 cents. Reaad about it here. Nothing costs 19 cents any longer. In fact the little c with the line through it used to be on a typewriter but it's not on a computer keyboard. I think it was up there under the backspace. We'd probably have little to no use for it nowadays.

After Target, wherein I spent $60 on six items, all for them, we went to Stop and Shop. SUPER Stop and Shop. Yoo Hoo used to be more popular than it is and all they had were the 6 pack of cans and a six pack of glass bottles. The cans cost a small fortune, like $4.67 or so and the bottles less but I can't give the kids glass! So, I got a six pack. He loved it and no headache.

It did however start a big brawl between he and I because he's now old enough to open the pop top and drink it himself. He had TWO CANS. I was so mad at him. I told him it wouldn't make him grow. He's very conscious about how tall he is because you have to be 42 inches to ride the roller coaster in the amusement park and he is nearly there. Ok, ok, he is there. Exactly there. BUT, I do want him to continue to eat well so I measure him at an angle and tell him that he didn't grow because he didn't eat his asparagus. OR, mean mommy that I am, I tell him that he has to eat a little of everything because if he doesn't...he'll only grow in some places and not others. That's how people get BIG GIANT EARS....they just eat corn on the cob.

Ok, this is supposed to be about knitting and even some crocheting. So, I started a baby blanket for yet another neighbor who is expecting. We will have three newborns on the block when her little bundle of joy comes in October. The squares will look like this, edged in white. I'm using Patons Astra and I have about a half dozen squares done so far. I haven't really been working on it but I thought I would show you what I have done being I don't have a sock to show off yet. I made up the pattern. It's cake!

In knitting news, I am going to finish my sock by tonight and show you pictures by tomorrow morning. I am taking a day to relax, so I will be knitting. I did 800 pounds of laundry yesterday. I even did like 10 laps in the pool, a far cry from the 100 or so I used to do years ago....

For my next project, I am considering Jaywalkers. I may make them out of Lorna's Layette, that would be a really nice pair of socks. Hopefully, I will be swatching them by this the morning. I may also use Cherry Tree Hill Old Rose, which would also come out delightful....Hmmnnn...Remember the rule: No starting another pair of socks until the one on the needles is finished. No cheating! The only thing that can be left undone is kitchenering. THAT'S IT. You have to be awake to do that and most of us can do ribbing in our sleep. No sense in messing up a sock and then having to rip out the end of it when it's midnight......

The Wallaby also awaits does the poncho. So many projects, it's a shame work gets in the way. However, I am on vacation until July 12th so let's keep it rolling!

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