Short Track Medal

Short Track Medal

Monday, July 9, 2007

Jaywalkers and Guppies

I don't know if I mentioned it, but I have two aquariums. They're both 36 gallon tanks. One houses guppies and the other gouramis. The guppy tank has been a mess lately. I can't figure out why the fish have such raggy fins. Then, I got to thinking that maybe the skunk loach. He's a sneak. I actually have two of them and here's a picture of one, hiding in the rock in his new home.

They're cute and small and the fish lady told me that they wouldn't bother my guppies. That store is no longer in business, I wonder why??? I'm nearly certain they did so I moved the two of them to the gourami tank. Thus far, no incidents of not playing nice with others. then again, I'm not so sure they would mess with some of these larger gouramis. Crappy picture, but this one is the biggest and practically rules the tank. He's beautifully marked and DH says, "That one is ready for the grill". Tankmates are smaller, see?

To replace the dead and tailess guppies, I got four pair of blond delta tail guppies. They have yellow tails. I got them yesterday and they had babies today. Here's a shot of the babies of my now deceased black tailed guppies and my newly acquired blonde guppies. Hard to see the new babies, they're small. The other larger ones are a few weeks older and almost ready to be released into the main tank.

I've had fish since my 11th birthday, on for the past seven years. It's good for the kids to see them and they make a relatively inexpensive pet. Last night, for the first time in my life, I witnessed my new guppy give birth. I was so excited. I ran for the camera but it happened so fast, I missed the shot. DS saw it and was thrilled. DH was there but he moves like molasses so he missed it. We are so happy that we're grandparents! We saw two babies being born. I think she had about 20 or so. I have rescued 13 so far.

As for my Jaywalker, they're really nice! I am sorry that I didn't put some yarn aside to make the heel and the the toe the same. Next pair, I will. I will knit the heel and toe out of a contrasting solid so I don't mess up the perfect stripes. Pictures to be posted soon!

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